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A Serene White Spa Sheltered in the Forests of Southern Sweden

By Magaly Grosso


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This spa, surrounded by green areas that transmit a sense of tranquility and relaxation, was designed by Claesson Koivisto Rune in 2016. Located in southern Sweden, and surrounded by lush green vegetation that guarantees us an escape from our everyday lives, it covers a total area of 340 square meters.

Completely surrounded by trees and dense vegetation, it has two pools, a covered area for the coldest winter days, and another outdoors area for the sunny and warm days of summer.

The blue crystalline color of the pool contrasts majestically with the green environment. On top of that, the pool has a large uncovered terrace and a small covered area with furniture. From there, the pleasing landscape can be thoroughly enjoyed while resting underneath the sun’s warm gaze.

Beautiful view of the spa from afar, hidden in the green gardens

Blue-turquoise pool with white ceramic tiles
View of the pool; in the background, the covered area with furniture

Blue-turquoise pool and white ceramic tile
Covered area with wood floors

During the colder days of winter, we can take full advantage of the indoors pool. Through brown glass walls, we arrive at the area that “hides” the pool. Its water, a calm blue-turquoise, stands out over the white ceramic tile that covers the interior. This coloring effect transmits peace and relaxation, precisely the elements its occupants seek.

Covered pool with brown glass doors

To one side of the indoor pool, we can find a sauna and a showering area, a final component to a fantastic day of rest.

Sauna with brown glass doors

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