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Trump International Hotel and Tower New York in the Heart of the Upper West Side, NY City

By Magaly Grosso


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The Trump International Hotel and Tower New York is one of many properties owned by the tycoon Donald Trump, but this one is the jewel in the crown of Trump’s Hotels. An emblematic hotel with its style and elegance, palpable in each of its 176 rooms as well as in the rest of the facilities, and for its imposing presence, perhaps as emblematic as the Empire State Building itself.

It is located in one of the most famous cities in the world, in the heart of the Upper West Side, near Central Park in New York City, USA. Nearby, we can find the famous 5th Avenue and enjoy the best and most luxurious restaurants around the world. It is a mere 30 minutes from the main airport of the city, without taking into account the characteristic traffic of the city.
Upon entering Trump International Hotel & Tower New York, you will have to be necessarily dressed as a winner, dressed for success. Why? Because in a hotel of this caliber, you’re going to want to look like someone who owns it.

It is strange that in a city so famous and always at the forefront, Trump International Hotel & Tower is the only five-star hotel in the area and also has a luxurious five-star restaurant. In this way guests can enjoy the culinary magic of the distinguished chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten, as well as the summer restaurants on the Mistral terrace, overlooking Central Park, and a royalty-free wine collection.

Elegant rooms with glass walls and views of New York City


Night view of the exterior
Night view of the exterior and the city of New York

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