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A Wooden Home in the mountainous Vorarlberg region of Austria

By • May 24, 2017

Designed by architectural firm Bernardo Bader Architects, this beautiful building, which appears to emerge from the hillside, is located in the mountainous Vorarlberg region of Austria. It has a total of 1,000 meters squared of terrain, in which we also find approximately 200 meters squared occupied by the building itself. Additionally, being in the mountainous region, it is located about 1,000 meters above sea level.

Its beautiful wooden exterior stands out over the green landscape that surrounds it. This very landscape, whose main points of attraction are clearly the towering mountains, demands it draw the occupants’ attention.

View of the building at the top of the hill
The wooden house contrasts with the mountain range in the background
Interior of the house, with a living room using wood in its walls, floors, and ceiling

Its spectacular and spacious interior, whose walls, floors, and high-reaching ceiling are made of wood, is filled with light that flows from the outside, unobstructed.

The living room, dining room, and kitchen areas, which share one same space, exist in perfect harmony.

View of the dining room-kitchen and living room space

The wooden staircase leads to the second story of the building; there, in the same way that we experience it in the lower level, we see spaces making extensive use of wood.

Wooden staircase

In the bedroom, white walls stand out and make a perfect match with the wooden floors. From a large vertical window, the occupants can calmly take their place and marvel at the beautiful landscape outside from the comfort of their own bed.

Bedroom with wooden floors and beautiful views of the landscape
Nocturnal view of the building

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