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Querosene House, a Modern Concrete Residence by GrupoPS

By Eric Meunier


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This modern concrete home called Querosene House was designed by Brazilian architect firm GrupoSP.

Located in São Paulo, Brazil, the three-story residence (3,900 sq ft) features a large open space, two incredible glass walls and a two-story library in the living room.

According to the architects, ” the fact that a large portion of land lies three meters below street level and the typical conformation of this urban batch 10X40 meters enabled a large open space that is straightforward and transparent.

This space is defined in one side by the north face structure, a parallel free wall which houses a library containing 7,500 volumes and on the other side by a parallel block, an all closed space – a block with three stories that contains all the services, equipment and dormitories.

The design takes advantage from the difference between the street level and the lower level of the plot, by positioning the living room in this lower level which ensures the required privacy and maintains the view of the distant landscape through the void.

This simple home adopts simple constructive solutions, reducing the actions required for its achievement. The structure of the volume is resumed to masonry walls and reinforced concrete. Installations are apparent and performed without interference. After that the finishes are simple: monolithic concrete flooring and white Portuguese Stone. The walls without finishes are ready as it built.

A single exception: the wall with books, finished with time and history.”

Photos by: Nelson Kon

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  1. Wow! I must say, that even though I’m totally addicted to architecture and houses, this is the first house where I thought “Dream house!” Not because of the interior of the house, but because of the design and architectural finish. Nice nice nice.


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