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Celio Apartment by Carola Vannini

Italian architect Carola Vannini has sent us photos of the Celio Apartment located close to the Colosseo area in Rome, Italy.

The 2,580 square foot luxurious apartment has been renovated by the architect and reorganized through a complete and detailed design project for a total budget of €250.000.

Celio Apartment by Carola Vannini:

“The client’s main need of opening the space toward the outside landscape, generated a design characterized by light and airy rooms.

Several windows have been reopened, and the interior distribution has been changed in order to create multiple perspectives. Main space of the day area is the kitchen volume, which is in direct relation with both, the entrance and the living room. It is designed as an isolated volume, separated from ceiling and floor, through continue led lights. Two sliding white glass doors allow to open and close the kitchen, depending on the user’s needs.

The living room has a minimal flair, and its furniture (designed by the architect) creates a balance with the interior architecture. The lighting system has been carefully studied in order to emphasize perspectives and space depth. A direct relation with the exterior area is underlined by the wooden floor that extends from the interior space into the balcony. The black doors and windows frames, create a painting-like effect by framing the surrounding natural landscape.

The kitchen has a sculptural valence, which partially hides its real function. Nevertheless, practical needs are not underestimated thanks to the creation of big cabinets and a white Corian kitchen island (ideal for quick meals and as a work top).

The night area has three bedrooms, three bathrooms and one office space. The corridor that leads to them, has been designed in order to open up the space through the use of niches and lights. A long built-in cupboard, which perfectly merges with the architecture, gives up on classical doors and replaces them with backlit printed Plexiglas panels.

The master bedroom is naturally lit by two big windows and has a nice banked relax area, coated with grey resin. This material creates a continuity with the grey wooden floor. A jacuzzi is located into the banked platform. Two symmetrical walls lead into the walk-in closets area and, then, into the master bathroom. The master bathroom has the same bedroom’s colors and geometries.
The white bathroom fittings and cabinets, stand out against the grey walls and four green wooden cabinets are the only colored elements.

The kid’s bedroom with its coordinated bathroom, creates a fairy tail world, separated from the rest of the apartment. Everything recalls play times. Purple is the main colour in both the bedroom and bathroom.
The bathroom’s fittings are emphasized through the purple resin walls veneer.

In the guest bedroom (also used as a gym area) relax, exercise and free time spaces alternate. The guest bathroom is characterized by a strong red color. It is located close to the gym and has a comfortable hammam space, also usable as a normal shower.

The office is placed at the end of the corridor and has its own entrance, which allows a flexible and independent use of it. The Wengé wooden furniture, with its warm and sober colors, is designed by the architect.”

Photos by: Stefano Pedretti
Source: Carola Vannini

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