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Sunshine Beach Renovation by Soul Space

Australian studio Soul Space has updated an existing 80’s duplex building located in Sunshine Beach, a suburb in Noosa, Queensland, Australia.

Sunshine Beach Renovation by Soul Space:

“What was once a tired 80’s duplex has been updated by Soul Space into an open, flowing beach house that effortlessly integrates outdoor and indoor living with beautifully landscaped courtyards.

The existing building had the living areas upstairs with a large balcony space facing the street, and the bedroom spaces on the lower floor with a dark corridor connecting the bedroom. The apartments were identical, but mirrored.

The design was challenging – the nature of the duplex meant that there were two clients who had two different budgets. Unit one allowed for a complete redesign, putting the living spaces on the lower floor, and two bedrooms and a study space on the top floor, with a large garage out the front. They wanted to have their living space open to a rear garden with a new plunge pool, seamlessly connecting the indoor and outdoor spaces. The unit two clients were only after a renovation of the existing spaces and a new roof over the front balcony.

The challenge was well met, and each apartment has its own distinct identity whilst still appearing as if it is part of a unified building. The design has opened up the space, allowing abundant natural light to enter both sides of the house. The flowing design also allows for cooling breezes.

Open timber stairs and balustrades afford a sense of space to the otherwise constrained rooms.

Privacy from neighbours and the other residents of the duplex was a consideration, and this is afforded by the reversed living spaces. This is further enhanced by a redevelopment of the internal driveways to allow for visitor parking and landscaped privacy between the apartments. The house is also buffered by trees on either side, ensuring privacy from other neighbours.

The apartments have a distinctive identity within a homogenous beach house style design, ensuring comfort and privacy set in the beautifully landscaped courtyard spaces.”

Photos by: Paul Smith Photography

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