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PPDG Penthouse by Hernandez Silva Arquitectos

By Eric Meunier


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Guadalajara-based studio Hernandez Silva Arquitectos has designed the new interior of this penthouse situated on top of a 70’s Mexican colonial building in Guadalajara, Jalisco, México.

Don’t miss the powder room and its glass floor set atop an unused 15 story lift shaft!

PPDG Penthouse by Hernandez Silva Arquitectos:

“The Penthouse PPDG is located on the 15th floor of an old building built in the 70s Mexican colonial style. The structure is based on columns and slabs which allowed the elimination of walls, expanding spaces, slabs were perforated for the passage of light and large windows were installed.

The intention was to create a contemporary and respectful project, a major concern was how to increase and grow the facade with something contemporary without losing the romantic sense of the building. It was decided to respect ceilings and only add a light white contemporary ceiling that would not compete with the rest to feel of the elements.

The windows open wide, with frameless glass to get a complete view, in with these criteria, what was originally a 4 bedrooms penthouse became a loft where everything can be a great space or spaces can be divided into night and day use, the night space can also be divided into one or two bedrooms. To make this happen some movable screens were installed in the middle of the large master bedroom or two bedrooms with bathrooms on both ends one for each. The location of windows was done on-site drilling and filling where necessary to favor the views and prevent rooftops. The day area is located west of the park of the neighborhood, so that the windows open completely and leave a large area consisting of dining, living and kitchen with a great view towards the park.

In another space is divided by two walls, one white and one red, the white one separates the areas of circulation (stairs and lift), the red wall separates the kitchen and service areas, this wall does not reach the top to keep open spaces, the floor textures are shiny, since it is located towards the west we wanted to reflect the sunlight and achieve a refined atmosphere. The decor is based on the use of textures and pieces of art such as Jorge Méndez Blake’s mural.

A characteristic feature of the project is that a volume that was originally intended for a second elevator and was never installed becomes a powder room with a glass floor that looks down all the 15 levels, the PPDG penthouse is a great versatile modulated space, with great views all this with the concepts of transparency and the simplicity of materials.”

Photos by: Carlos Díaz Corona

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  1. This is very reminiscent of the architecture used by Archer and Wright, a small group of architects based in Sydney Australia who focus primarily on penthouses and luxury apartments. Containing so much within the space while remaining completely uncluttered and with such a spacious feel is truly a marvel.


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