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Loft 02 by EHTV Architectes

EHTV Architectes created this contemporary loft, located in Brussels, Belgium, in 2011.

The space features a continuous stream of bamboo throughout its entirety.

Loft 02 by EHTV Architectes :

“The client wanted a loft style contemporary and timeless composed of a large living area, two bedrooms and a separate bathroom.

The architectural concept is based on the desire to break free from the constraints of the placement of the kitchen and the bathroom near the hopper and in order to have greater freedom in organizing various interiors.

The general idea is therefore based on the principle of raising these two functions by creating a “podium” technique, allowing good drainage.

From a graphical point of view, this solution has guided the architects to the visual concept of a strip of bamboo browsing the loft in its entire length and cutting surfaces both at ground level as the ceiling to create the steps, the plan central work in the kitchen and bar, bathroom shelf, etc … in a very sober and very geometric way.

In the master bedroom, the band gave birth to the bamboo floor and thus gives the space a sense of comfort. Bamboo also highlights two areas speaking as white boxes, one is the bathroom, the other is the laundry room / wc.

In materials and colors, the architects opted for sober and refined materials, minimizing seams for a minimalist rendering. The floor is gray polyurethane, the walls are a simple white ceiling, the concrete slab is left exposed. The whole is punctuated by bamboo and a glazed enamel orange gives the whole atmosphere that is both dynamic and warm.

With this concept, the rooms have been placed in the best location of the loft (side windows) while being close to the bathroom.

A large door on pivot allows both to create the intimacy of the great room but, when open, to emphasize the idea generator project offering a beautiful view, leaving the eyes follow the bamboo which oscillates and spreads from one end to the other of the loft.

Photos courtesy of EHTV-architectes

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