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Design & Wine Hotel by Barbosa & Guimaraes Arquitectos

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Located in Caminha, Portugal is the Design & Wine Hotel by Barbosa & Guimarães Arquitectos.

Completed in 2012, the hotel is a remodel of a historic building catering to art and wine lovers alike.

Design & Wine Hotel by Barbosa & Guimarães Arquitectos:

“Pedro Guimarães has transformed a historic manor building from the 18th century in the heart of Caminha into a sophisticated oasis for art and wine lovers alike. Design & Wine Hotel’s architectural and interior designs embody the property’s concept down to the last detail. The hotel expresses its harmonious relationship with the surrounding landscape through its sustainable design: solar panels power the property, an automatic lighting system in each room conserves energy, and a recycling policy.

The most striking element of Design & Wine Hotel’s progressive and sustainable architectural design is the new building that houses the hotel’s five suites. Weighing 18 tons, this sleek steel structure rotates 35 degrees only supported by a central pillar with a diameter of 2 m. Guests can fall asleep while looking at the mountains and awaken overlooking the serene Minho River. However, Design & Wine Hotel’s
interiors offer more than a glimpse into the cutting-edge of techno-sustainability. Reflecting the hotel’s commitment to the arts, each bespoke room and suite features a distinct theme ranging from video to street art, offsetting sleek, minimal furnishing with large-scale, bold graphic accents. For a glimpse into the local art scene, guests can visit Whitebox, an event and exhibition space within the hotel designed especially for rotating temporary exhibitions of works by artists.”

Photos Courtesy of Design Hotel

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