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House in Dnepropetrovsk by Yakusha Design

By Magaly Grosso


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This 21,500-square-feet home is located in Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine, and was created by Kiev-based Yakusha Design.

The home exudes elegance, with tall glass windows and neutral palettes; there are other rooms decorated by themes: a forest playground, a zip-lined hallway, a cushioned bed/staircase, and a romantic mezzanine.

House in Dnepropetrovsk by Yakusha Design:

“People that constantly live in the city at a very fast rhythm get tired of concrete and glass and they want to bring inside his home a real nature. This is the case, we have a large house made from concrete and glass outside and we have the trees and nature inside.

Charming just a phenomenal family with four children was the inspiration for interior in “eco” style. Children’s area and the corridor is a special honor, because there are an interesting mix of materials and colors, lawn grasses and colorful squares.

Much of this interior is built on contrasts, cozy and warm wood and glass, living plants and ceramic tiles.”

Photos courtesy of Yakusha Design

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