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Cedar Street Residence by coLAB studio

coLAB Studio founders Matthew Salenger, RA and Maria Salenger, AIA, redesigned their own home in Tempe, Arizona, USA  to fit the needs of a modern family.

The 2010 project has moveable fixtures, including a brise soleil on the south facade, that allow the home to be transformed in accordance with the occupants’ daily activities and social functions.

Cedar Street Residence by coLAB studio:

“Renovation of a 1954 bungalow home in Tempe, Arizona. A tight budget necessitates simplicity, efficiency.

A large central courtyard. A flexible, transformable house.

The existing house: Gutted. Three new walls positioned. Four mobile wardrobes added, each with a built-in door. Bedrooms may be created or taken away as needed. Re-used steel frames and decking create new entry and patios.

The addition: Mobile millwork separates the great room (kitchen, dining, living) from studio. When entertaining, the millwork moves east to create a 1000 SF dining/living space. If the studio grows, the millwork moves west. Multiple locations for power/data/speaker connections in the floor for millwork placement.

Operable shade along the south façade reduces heat gain and balances light each day, becomes a giant lantern for the courtyard each night.

All spaces view into courtyard surrounded by translucent, reflective glass. Surrounding landscape paints shadows on glazing each day, courtyard expands to infinity each night.”

floor plan / section

Photos by: Bill Timmerman

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