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Villa in ‘het Gooi’ by Remy Meijers

By Magaly Grosso


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Villa in ‘het Gooi,’ designed by Remy Meijers, is located in ‘het Gooi,’ the Netherlands.

The home is decorated in shades of gray with accents in wood of different tones, creating a very elegant atmosphere.

Villa in ‘het Gooi’ by Remy Meijers:

“Since this recently built 1930s-style villa had no unique features to speak of, a radical overhaul of the interior was in order. Several inner walls have been removed to open up the space, and all of the ground-floor rooms have been interconnected.

This has created a sense of grandness downstairs, which extends via the stairs and carries through to the upper floors.”

Photos courtesy of Remy Meijers

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