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The Constance Le Prince Maurice

By Magaly Grosso


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The Constance Le Prince Maurice is a luxurious hotel located Poste de Flacq, Mauritius.

During your visit, it is possible to stay in stilt villas, their uniform brown shapes reflected upon the mirror-like water beneath them.

The Constance Le Prince Maurice:

“Architectural mastermind Jean Marc Eynaud and designer David Edwards have created an energising space that is a treat to the senses. Step into Le Prince Maurice, and you enter a world where style and functionality converge to create the ultimate lifestyle hotel.

Live at night, the visual effects are inverted as the focus flips onto the hotel itself with the architectural play on perspective coming from the lights.

Feng shui principles lend harmony to Le Prince Maurice while the vast space this small, intimate hotel occupies allows you to lavish on a truly indulgent holiday.

– Beds stand high above floor level to help the circulation of Qi, or energy.

– In the first hall of L’Archipel restaurant, internal concrete columns are at the centre of the hall (the wooden ones are external) increasing the concentration of energy in the centre of the space.

– The gardens look natural with touches that are at first invisible to the eye – hundreds of night jasmine start to flower when the sun sets, filling the air with their heady perfume.”

Photos courtesy of the Constance Le Prince Maurice

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