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Taipei Base Design Center Designs an Apartment in Taipei City for a Young Couple

By Magaly Grosso


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This majestic apartment located in Taipei City, Taiwan was designed by Taipei Base Design Center for a young couple. Both of their jobs are related to fashion. At first, we are struck by the sobriety of its somewhat dark decor. The living room consists only of a type “Chester” coach and two wing chairs. Its biggest draw? The immense windows which allow us to have an unobstructed view of the exterior and at the same time allow the space to be filled with natural light.

On the other side of the room, and having as background a line of mirrors that hides two doors leading to the main bedroom, we find the dining room. In a relaxed but elegant style, its chairs and table in raw wood and with nothing else to add, is bordered on one side with a line of windows and on the other with a counter that connects the kitchen with the rest of the setting. A modern kitchen that is at the same time practical and functional

The dark wood floor gives it a majestic touch and accentuates the style of its design.

Close-up of living room, Chester model sofa and two wing chairs

Dining room view from the living room
Raw wood dining room with kitchen in the background
Wood dining room with mirrors wall in the background

Mirror wall that connects to master bedroom

In the main room we find same sober style as in the rest of the apartment. A style that reflects a strong personality and character.

The bathroom and the walk-in closet with dark brick walls, and furniture and accessories in the same tone, once again reaffirm the present style in the rest of the space.

Interior of the sober and elegant master bedroom

Elegant bathroom with cream color furniture and dark floors

Walk-in closet with painted black brick wall and matching furniture

Bathroom view from inside of the closet
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