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With Fantastic Views Over the Mountains, this Wonderful House will Charm its Visitors

By Magaly Grosso


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This house rests elevated on the crest of a mountain, and with wonderful views over the spectacular surroundings of Park City, which is located east of Salt Lake City, Utah, USA. It has a perfect panoramic view of the outdoor spaces and the green mountains of Utah, which will be covered in white with winter snow.

Log cabin on the hill, surrounded by snow

Perfectly equipped for all seasons, in the serene summer season, the house has a platform for breakfast, perfect for a day of rest and enjoying the sunset. But, due to its elevation of 7,500 feet, alongside the breathtaking views also comes extreme weather. At this height, the arrival of spring can bring hurricane winds; early autumn can produce shaky electrical storms; and winter can accumulate snow over 12 feet (3.7m). But this house is conveniently equipped to withstand the ravages of time.

Terrace with wonderful views over the snowy mountains
Terrace with wooden floors
Terrace with views of the mountains
Main facade with wooden walls
Main entrance with gardens
Side view of the wooden hut
Views of the mountains in summer time
Terrace with views over the green mountains
Terrace with furniture and views
Internal terrace
Interior terrace with furniture

It was designed by the architectural firm Imbue Design in 2016 and covers an area of ​​4,500 square feet.

The house possesses the warmth and natural quality of the light red cedar of the west in most of its exterior which gives it presence while uniting it naturally to the landscape. The natural color of the cedar creates a strong contrast against the snow in the winter months and offers a complementary color to the green hillside of spring. Cedar is naturally able to withstand the extreme changes in temperature and weather phenomena inherent in high elevation climates.

Exterior views from inside
Rest space with views
Modern living room with dark fireplace
Living room with glass walls
Living room with views over the mountains
Spacious room and full of natural light


Modern bathroom with glass walls

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