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COCCO Arquitectos Design a Home in the Forests of Teuchitlán, Mexico

By Magaly Grosso


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This house is located in a forested area, full of trees and dense vegetation. The terrain has a great unbalance, which was used to generate views over the home’s surrounding area. The structure was designed by COCCO Arquitectos and built in Teuchitlán, Mexico, in 2016. It occupies a total space of 230 meters squared.

The house itself is divided into two blocks. The first has all the communal, social areas -the kitchen-living room area and the dining room.

Glass walls were installed in these areas in such a way as to take advantage of the natural light and make the space more illuminated and airy.

In the other block are the more intimate spaces, such as the bedrooms and bathrooms. With brick walls, the architecture here provides more privacy, in addition to giving warmth to the spaces.

Close-up shot of the entrance to the house

Interior of the social areas from the backyard

Brick wall block where the bedrooms are located

On the last floor, a terrace was built, where there are various chairs and a barbeque area for family or friendly reunions, and to enjoy the rural lifestyle.

Terrace for reunions
Entrance hall

The kitchen area is a space where light enters in a checkered pattern through the trees that give life to the exterior. It’s mostly made of wood, with some accessories made of stainless steel. For those days with little light, or during nighttime, there are four hanging lamps which illuminate the entire space.

Wood and black kitchen with stainless steel items

The dining room, decorated in dark colors, is in the center of the living room. Its sides have glass walls that allow its occupants to enjoy the views of the outdoors from the comfort of the inside of the home.

Dining room with a view

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