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Magnificent Collaborative Work Results in this Modern and Elegant Home

By Magaly Grosso


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Viviano built Family HQ for his parents, with the help of his mother Catherine, who is an antique collector. With fifteen years of experience in construction, she helped direct and advise the young architect, and the house is her first collaborative project.

Exterior view of the long building

It is located in the city of Houston, Texas, in the United States, on a narrow corner plot. It has two levels and an area of 4,250 square feet (395 square meters). The building is built with concrete bricks stacked and cut to size.

Beautiful garden with green areas
Entrance with glass and black metal door

The interior would be configured as a clean and stylized backdrop to house the old furniture that the couple would take with them, which would be combined with contemporary pieces later on. Large square and rectangular windows are oriented towards the sheltered side garden instead of the street.

Modern living room with electric blue sofa with white armchairs
Modern and elegant living room with contrasting colors

On the ground floor, there is a living room, a dining room, a corridor with storage, and a kitchen. A bathroom and the garage are connected, just beyond the kitchen area. This main floor is designed to focus on entertainment, while the upper floor is more private and traditional. Three bedrooms, two of them with private bathrooms, are located on the top floor. Landscaping helps produce a quiet area. A row of thin silhouette eucalyptus trees creates a screen that softens the relationship with the street.

Small rest area with black wooden chairs
Antique wooden chest
Modern kitchen in white and gray with black marble countertop
Kitchen with island and eating area
Minimalist kitchen with spacious storage
Modern dining room with wooden table and black chairs
White floating furniture complements the dining area
Modern wooden stairs
Bedroom with gray metal bed and wooden floors
Elegant bedroom with canopy bed in black and white
Rest area in the room with white table and modern black chairs
Modern bathroom clad in wood
Modern bathroom in white and gray
Bathroom with wooden floors and white marble walls
Modern bathroom where white predominates
Night view of the main entrance
Exterior view of the facade of the house

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