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Modern House in Which every Unnecessary Element has been Eliminated

By • Feb 16, 2018

This house is located in the EL PASO Country Club, in the city of Santo Tomé, in Argentina. It covers 344 square meters and was designed in 2012 by the architectural group Ignacio Arrillaga + Walter M. Parola, at the hands of its professionals Ignacio Arrillaga, Walter M. Parola, Ramiro Vera, and Tamara Moron.

External view of the house and its green gardens
Main entrance with stone wall

A basic criteria for the design was to enhance the relationship between the interior of the house with the surrounding land through the arrangement of social environments in direct connection with the semi-open (gallery – quincho) and open (floors, swimming pool) spaces, allowing simultaneous use through the use of the openings system. Additionally, they sought to generate views of the ground where a golf course is deployed (as a visual focus of greater attraction) based on the layout of all the main environments of the house on the opposite front, open to that main perspective.

Front view of the entrance
Parking entrance view
Main entrance with double white doors
Back garden with pool
Pool with rest terrace
Garden connected to the interior by glass doors

On the other hand, and as a specific request from the owners of the house, they sought to create a front design that preserved the privacy of the interior of the house with respect to the street. For this, a design was created with careful openings that provide the entrance with the lighting and natural ventilation necessary, and a single large central opening in the upper floor that allows the home to have a wide perspective of the site from the main circulation.

From the formal point of view, the house proposes the reduction to the “minimum necessary” as a means of expression, eliminating any unnecessary or accessory element and resorting to evidence of its constructive and functional nature as an aesthetic resource.

Interior with modern decorative details
Wooden stairs
Living room with TV area decorated in wood and black
Living room with glass wall
Modern kitchen in black and white on wooden wall
Modern dining room with white satin chairs
Dining area in wood
Pool area in the afternoon hours
Side view surrounded by gardens

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