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Modern House in Los Angeles Built by Fran Silvestre

By Magaly Grosso


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This modern house located in a hillside of Los Angeles, California, in the USA, was built by Fran Silvestre. It was constructed on various different levels in order to adapt to the changes of the terrain on which it was built. This marvelous house with white walls made of plaster and gray stone possess an excellent panoramic view of both the city and the nearby sea, which we can enjoy through the house’s large glass walls.

In its exterior, the immense terrace that seems to seamlessly merge with the distant horizon dons a relaxing infinity pool, which succeeds in making the views from the house a real sight to behold.

Through its white staircase we reach the interior, where white colors, as well as modern and minimalist lines, are the protagonists, giving the large living room a sensation of cleanliness and brightness.

Interior patio with walls of white plaster and white and gray floors

Farther inside, we find the master bedroom, where again, white is the predominant color. Used not only in its floors and walls, but also in its furniture and in the fabrics covering the bed, it adds to the luminosity in an environment that already receives a substantial amount of light from the frontal glass walls, giving it a more intense sensation of openness.

Living room of white walls and floors with gray furniture and with excellent views out the large windows
Bedroom completely decorated in white with glass windows

At night, the views from the terrace become an even more spectacular attraction, allowing the occupants to live a unique experience

Exterior view of the house at nighttime
White exterior terrace with an infinity pool
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