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A Tiny But Cool Short-Term Rental Apartment in Sydney, Australia

By • May 19, 2017

This tiny apartment, covering a mere 22 meters squared (or 236 square feet), is located in Sydney, Australia. It was designed by the Aussie architectural firm Architect Prineas in order to serve as a short-rental home.

But don’t let its size fool you.

Architect Prineas came up with any number of ingenious ways in which to utilize the interior to its utmost, creating storage spaces in all imaginable nooks, making this apartment not just visually and aesthetically attractive, but also surprisingly comfortable.

Living room area annex to the bedroom separated by a wooden furniture

Guests are greeted by the kitchen, done in black and with matte surfaces which add a touch of elegance to the room. The backsplash is covered with mirrors, thus giving the room the sensation of being twice its size – already we begin to see the magic the architects have wrought in this home.

The main space in the apartment serves a double purpose – that of living room and bedroom. A shelving unit, with a flatscreen television at its center, serves to separate the two, signaling to us that these are two individual areas with differing purposes. Decorative accessories serve to add personality to a space that is otherwise minimalistic.

The walls are white, the windows large. The result? A flood of natural light that reflects off of every surface, perfectly illuminating the entire interior. Hidden compartments conceal an ironing board and a space to store luggage where they can be kept out of sight but within reach. The bathroom is equally simplistic, and full of minimalist elegance.

Living room
Small kitchen in black
Bedroom area with bathroom
Storage space under the bed
Storage space under the bed
Small bathroom in white with wooden floors

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