Custom Private Home in British Columbia by David Tyrell Architecture

By • Nov 20, 2011 •  Selected Work 

Vancouver-based studio David Tyrell Architecture has completed this custom private home near Kelowna, a city on Okanagan Lake in the Okanagan Valley, in the southern interior of British Columbia, Canada.

Photos courtesy of David Tyrell Architecture
Source: Architizer

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14 Comments to Custom Private Home in British Columbia by David Tyrell Architecture

  1. Phil Salisbury says:

    I love your website but at the same time it just makes me jealous and sad! I wish I could live in a home like this but it is never going to happen. That Atrium is absolutely incredible and I love the walk in wardrobe. (sigh). What is your favourite ever dream home? I think this one might be mine…

  2. Aiamiming says:

    Absolutely beautiful! One of the best architectural designs I’ve seen in my life. Breath taking! :)

  3. Precious Chucks says:

    Design as this makes Architecture what it is. Incredibly elegant

  4. Christine says:

    Breathtaking and Absolutely Amazing!

  5. Vanja says:

    Amazing home!!!

  6. david says:

    This house and the design was very moving & the amount of effort going into it.
    excellent work on this creation

  7. sundeep says:

    Very nice design!

  8. Geethi says:

    lovely design and the placements. Awesome Architecture……

  9. ann says:

    sooooo nice…..very talented!

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