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Standard Studio Converts 200 Year Old Ibiza Cottage Into a Private Home and Exhibition

By Magaly Grosso


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Studio Standard, based in Amsterdam, has transformed a 45 m2 stable located on the island of Ibiza, Spain, into a private home and exhibition hall for an interior design shop. All furniture and decorative pieces that adorn the home – two bedrooms, one bathroom, kitchen, and living/dining room – are available in the store. A wonderful idea, isn’t it? It definitely is.

Located amongst the mountains of this beautiful Balearic Island, and with a design that is perfectly in line with its location, this little house could not be cozier.

Patio with table and rest hammock
View from the swimming pool

Main entrance to the house. Glass door leading to the kitchen

The ceiling is lined with old wooden beams that run the length of the rooms. Made with Sabina pine trunks, a native tree from the island, these striking beams are 200 years old – a fascinating fact, isn’t it?

These beams not only give an aged quality to the house, but also add a rustic and warm touch to the décor. They contrast beautifully with the completely white walls and with niches where decorative ornaments that we can find at the store are strategically placed.

View of the dining room from the floor overlay
Small living room with two chairs, rug, and shelf with books and other decorative accessories
Dining room with four chairs
Bedroom at the bottom and stairs leading to the mezzanine
Dining room. You can see the beams made out of pine trunks
Entrance to the kitchen from the small living room

In another space we find the modern kitchen, made in black, against a beautiful stone wall that makes a striking contrast between the contemporary and the rustic.

Kitchen in black, stone wall and beams in the ceiling

In the bathroom, as in the kitchen, the most outstanding feature is the contrast created by the modern pieces in front of the rustic stone walls.

Bathroom with modern pieces and stone wall

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