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Schönberg Residence by Dialect Design Architects

Charlotte-base studio Dialect Design Architects has completed the Schönberg Residence project in 2010, addind a second story over the existing garage of a classic house.

The single family home and its new modern wing is located in Charlotte, North Carolina, USA.

Schönberg Residence by Dialect Design Architects:

“This project is Charlotte’s latest architectural triumph of contemporary design. It is breaking all conventions of the surrounding traditional neighborhood.

The Schönberg residence second story addition bears sophisticated use of color, and creates an ingenious and refreshingly unexpected space.

Upon entering the library, “finesse” and “order” make a great first impression. The “boxes within boxes” construction of recessed shelves reveal shadow lines that seemingly float the shelves inside the library walls. The sheer presence of the climbing library has enriched the residential life of the residence owners. The family’s emotional center has shifted to the environs of the library while the treasures of their international lives have an ideal place to reside.

Visionary, thoughtful, and collaborative, the Schönberg project is an example of successful innovation.”

Preliminary Sketch

Photos courtesy of Dialect Design Architects

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