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IceHotel 2012

By Eric Meunier


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The winter season 2011/2012 is ending soon for IceHotel in Jukkasjärvi, a small village in Norrbotten County, Sweden.

For those of you who enjoyed IceHotel 2011, here are more inspirational bedrooms from the world’s largest hotel of ice and snow.

Welcome back to IceHotel and Swedish Lapland!

Artists: Lena Kriström
Artists: Åke Larsson, Arne Bergh, Sofi Ruotsalainen, Mikael "Nille" Nilsson & AnnaSofia Mååg
Artists: Lilya Pobornikova, Viktor Tsarski
Artist: Francisco Cortés Zamudio
Artists: Anders Rönnlund, Johan Fremling
Artists: Antoine Weygand, Roland Toupet
Artists: Jan Willem van det Schoot, Jeannette van Steen
Artists: Jens Dyvik, David Yoad Luxembourg
Artists: Mark Armstrong, Dave Ruane
Artists: Marinus Vroom, Marjolein Vonk
Artists: Jodi Rose, Justin Tyler Tate
Artist: Maurizio Perron
Artists: Nina Hedman, Magnus Hedman
Artists: Rob Harding, Timsam Harding
Artists: Lars Undli, André Eriksen
Artists: Javier Opazo, Jens Thoms Ivarsson, Mats Nilsson, Ethan Friedman
Artists: Egle Saladziute, Erika Irmler
Artists: Karl-Johan Ekeroth, Christian Strömqvist
Artists: Mats Persson, Joel Johansson, Merja Halonen, Ulrika Hellby, Sam Gusfors, David Andrén, Johanna Holmberg, James McClean, Kari Kristine Johnsen

Photos by: Ben Nilsson

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  1. Wow! I remember hearing something about the Ice Hotels, but this is the first time I’ve actually seen any pictures of it! I never thought that a bunch of ice could be made so beautiful! I hope that I will be able to experience this place at least once in my lifetime.


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