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Residence Ödberg by Project A01 Architects

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This contemporary residence was created in 2010 by Project A01 Architects and is located in KlosterneuBurg, Austria.

The design was inspired by a series of American homes called ‘Case Study Houses’ commissioned by Arts & Architecture Magazine between 1945 and 1966.

Residence Ödberg by Project A01 Architects:

“The idea to build a residence with a central courtyard, following the perception of the well-known case study houses, was the initial approach for the project.

The living area gathers around this open space and the pool frames the landscape, thereby enclosing the courtyard.

Controlled outlooks and space-interacting structures open up the building towards the surrounding nature and at the same time give form to the self-contained building with its central element.

The sloping terrain is raised up to a constructed platform, simultaneously extending the garden area.

The spatial connection between the low building to the South and the pool house in the North is construction by a Pergola, which reminiscent of the California “case study houses” of the 1950s come up can be made.

Here, the Court defined in this way becomes the Central living room with a special atmosphere.

The referring to the road part of the upper floor cantilever 5 meters beyond the kitchen on the ground floor up through the access in the basement. The nursery located in this part has an unobstructed view of the Klosterneuburg´s hills on three sides.”

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Photos by: Philip Kreidl

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