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Cornlofts Triplex Reconstruction by B2 Architecture

This contemporary interior is a 2013 project by B2 Architecture that can be found in the Karlin section of Prague, Czech Republic.

It is a conversion of an industrial building that sought to maintain some of the building’s original elements and character while creating a comfortable, modern space.

Cornlofts Triplex Reconstruction by B2 Architecture:

“Located in the Cornlofts, a former industrial building, in Prague´s quarter Karlin, reconstructed for residential use based on the design of Baumschlager Eberle Architekten from Wien.

The design for a Live/ Work unit eschews conventional loft typologies in order to maximize square footage and natural light.

Portions of the original floor plate is removed while new glass plates are inserted into a central void. As a result, this formal gesture increases overall square footage while simultaneously providing unexpected views and natural light throughout.

The main goal of the loft´s redesign was to bring back the original industrial look balanced with the modern design and materials.

The lowest level contains the entrance space with custom-made closet, owners music studio, nursery and guestroom with bathroom and utility areas.

The second level has a public character. On one side, there´s an open office with the roof window and view over a sculpted staircase connecting the three levels of the loft. On the other side, there´s living and entertaining space vertically connected by partially glassed floor plate of the third level.

The living space is furnished with the vintage / modern custom-made furniture completed with the piano mozaic and other music related elements referring to the owners profession.

Besides the entertaining space, the third level also includes the master bedroom with a bath and two dressing rooms.”

Photos by: Michal Šeba and Eduard Hueber

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