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Bacopari House by UNA Arquitetos

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This contemporary residence is a 2012 project by UNA Arquitetos that is located in São Paulo, Brazil.

Glass is used as the dominant material so that occupants can enjoy the surrounding vegetation even when indoors.

Bacopari House by UNA Arquitetos:

“The house is located in a neighborhood with abundant afforestation. The flat ground, surrounded by houses and no distant views, is longer than the standard. The project intends to build a large garden that permeates the house and builds the landscape, in continuity with the existing vegetation.

The tall trees (pau ferro, with 8m height) were brought in the beginning of the works.

Parallels concrete walls, with 10meters away, define the supports of the suspended plans.

At ground level, the idea was to allow transparency from the street to the end of plot. The access is made through a covered square were cars can be parked. The bound is marked by gardens with a reflecting pool, the first patio, which precedes the double-height living room, and the dining room, extending to the terrace.

The second courtyard has gardens and swimming pool, for which the playroom is open too.

After the walls concreting, construction is an assembly:  the upper labs supported by metallic beams between gables. Facilities are located in accessible shafts in each concrete plan.

Stairs connect wine cellar, in the underground, to the upper floor, at the treetops level. On this floor there is a library in a horizontal gallery, which opens onto the patio and the living room.

All bedrooms have the best insolation, northeast. The succession of open and closed spaces, associated with glass facades, water tanks and dark panels generate series of reflections and transparencies diluting the boundaries between inside and outside.”

Photos by: Leonardo Finotti

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