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EVM House by DWGBA Estudio

By Magaly Grosso


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DWGBA Estudio is responsible for EVM House, located in Buenos Aires, Argentina and completed in 2011.

Its brick and concrete exterior encloses a modern interior with a background of concrete and bright orange accents.

EVM House by DWGBA Estudio:

“The EVM House is located in a small private neighborhood on the outskirts of Buenos Aires, Argentina.

The program is divided in two very different areas: the public space (ground floor) and the private space (first floor), conforming its space in almost opposite ways.

Public space is continuous. There are no precise divisions between the sequence conformed by the access, study, kitchen, family-room, yard and quincho. This responds to the basic premise of the resident’s needs, whose social life was closely linked to the kitchen as a space for meeting around preparing meals (the homeowner is chef).

The morphology of the house is composed by two continuous slabs that solve the space programme. These slabs take the form of flooring, deck, side closure, space limits and demarcate accesses. The continuous form is completed with different kinds of materials. Brick, hollow brick and woodwork helped maintaining the color uniformity with small variations in order to achieve precise effects.

By this means we can say that the concrete slabs solve spaces and ire showed as a compositional material.

Essentially it is a traditional programme and traditional materials assembled in a way that meet our customers’ functional and aesthetic needs with our professional interpretation of these subjects.”

First Level
Second Level

Photos courtesy of DWGBA Estudio

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