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Apartment LA by David Guerra

By Sophie Johnson


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David Guerra created this contemporary interior for a couple located in Belo Horizonte, Brazil.

It was designed to incorporate the warmth and comfort of country living with the sophistication and elegance of an urban setting.

Apartment LA by David Guerra:

“When the first child starts to go to school, the couple bought an apartment in the city, letting the country house where they lived just for the weekends.

The new home combines the coziness aspect of a country house and the urban and practical style of the big The walls that divide the living room from the balcony were demolished to combine the ambient with larger, fluid and comfortable space.

The balcony became a gourmet bar/kitchen that can be used for the wine with friends and breakfast in family with a view of the mountains. Linen sofa and chairs and a vintage armchair appear as a relaxing living area also in the balcony.

A small fireplace has become a major element of the living room wall. The new warming ambience mix colors, rustic and natural materials with modern and technological ones.

They are wool, natural linen, nude tones, leather in different colors – honey, whisky and chocolate, wood and demolition wood, gray Mister Cryl, Silestone rock, stainless steel, yellow metal, bronze, mirror, glass and acrylic, all materials that combined, gives a great ambience.

The choices of the furniture, noted the concern of creating a place that prioritizes comfort, warmth, elegance and relaxation. That way we can see a mix of Brazilian designs with Sérgio Rodrigues, Pedro Useche, Frederico Cruze and international designs like De Padova, Minotti of B&Bitalia, Maxalto, Muuto and Mooi.

In the living area a big sofa with a chaise was reformed by JRJ and gains a new linen covering. Pillows by Entreposto, a Jensen leather armchair from Minotti and an armchair Louisiana from Depadova proves the pursuit of comfort and elegance.

The Sullivan low tables from Minotti (gray glass round and wood triangular) along with the Still table, also from Minotti and Lens by Patricia Urquiola add a touch of fun and relaxation to the room.

The dining table with an American toned oak that highlights the beauty, lightness and comfort of the Tombly leather chairs from Minotti and also the chandelier by Mooi.

In the gourmet kitchen, a block of graphite Silestone sustains the table of mahogany field, design by the architect; Sérgio Rodrigues chairs indicate the relaxed and comfortable way to receive friends for a dinner or even a drink.

The entire floor of the apartment, except the wet areas, had been replaced by wide planks of mahogany field bought from a farm. The floor has gone through a bleaching process, maintaining the identity and rusticity from the wood and giving a more light and modern touch to the place.

On the wall, gray Mister Cryl which brings wellbeing, in addition to panels of different types of wood as mahogany field, pink mahogany, cedar and cinnamon that brings color and warms the room.

The kitchen also provides a mix of materials, the technology of Italian glass Panna and reflective glass, Italian chairs Papiro by B&Bitalia, graphite Silestone on the floor and silver one on the countertops, walls with black and gray hydraulic tiles, wood doors and mahogany table – design by the architect.

The kitchen becomes a mix of cozy and contemporary at the same time. That mix can also be seen in the toilet with gauzy Silestone floor and countertops, burgundy Mister Cryl, Hansgrohe mixers that contrast with the tile of the wall and the Indian mirror.

In the master bathroom, the priority was the elegance, which was achieved by the Limestone Persiano, cabinet with Italian glass and Rimadesio door.

In the master bedroom, the highlights are for the headboard with mahogany with stailess steel profile, Glam lampshade from Pradina, French dresser, linen Selene bed by Maxalto and Pantosh wooden chair. Nude and caramel tones and natural materials, linens, leathers and woods, provide a welcoming place that facilitates relaxation.

In the boy’s room, the colorful and playful furniture design denotes a hip and timeless style.”

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Photos by: Jomar Bragança

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