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Addison Road by SHH

British architectural firm SHH has designed the Addison Road House.

Completed in 2012, this 10,000 square foot contemporary home with a retained front facade features 5 floors of luxurious living spaces including a large indoor swimming pool, spa, gym and cinema.

It is located in London, England, United Kingdom.

Addison Road by SHH:

“SHH has completed a new-build, detached, seven-bed, five-storey house in west London (with retained front façade), which features one of the largest pools of any property in the area (measuring 14m x 4.5m and located behind a sunken rear courtyard).

An original Victorian property on the site had been split into four flats in the post-war period, which the current owner had purchased piecemeal over time, before coming to SHH with a vision of converting the entire property into a single, luxury family home, based on the principle of lateral living, with high ceilings and extensive living spaces, as well as a very generous pool and leisure complex below ground, to include a spa, sauna, steam room, gym, bar area, changing rooms, toilets, walk-in wine cellar, playroom and cinema/media room.

“The new house’ commented Project Leader and SHH Associate Director Guy Matheson, “has a similar above-ground footprint to the one we replaced. A former 1950s flat-roof extension to the left of the property has been replaced in the same style as the retained façade, with the new roof covering both sections. The brickwork of the retained front façade has also been tuck-pointed, which is something of a lost art-form and gives the building a very crisp aesthetic.””

Photos by: Alastair Lever and Gareth Gardner

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