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PC House by EDDICO

By • Aug 6, 2014

PC House is a private residence designed by EDDICO.

It is located in the Pucusana District, Peru, and has high ceilings and glass walls to allow natural light to permeate the spaces.

PC House by EDDICO (1)
PC House by EDDICO (2)
PC House by EDDICO (3)
PC House by EDDICO (4)
PC House by EDDICO (5)
PC House by EDDICO (6)
PC House by EDDICO (7)
PC House by EDDICO (8)
PC House by EDDICO (9)
PC House by EDDICO (10)
PC House by EDDICO (11)
PC House by EDDICO (12)
PC House by EDDICO (13)
PC House by EDDICO (14)
PC House by EDDICO (15)
PC House by EDDICO (16)
PC House by EDDICO (17)

PC House by EDDICO:

“The project starts on the basis of an in-depth analysis that reconciles the natural conditions and regulations of the land and the emotional expectations of the users. The area enjoys a fairly steep slope that communicates two vehicular ways. In addition, it has an elongated front overlooking the sea, with a privileged view of the bay of Pucusana, the island of Pucusana and the open horizon. Finally, it should be emphasized that as a contrast of the elongated front, the land has little depth, being a fairly narrow field.

With regard to the regulation, this promotes respect for the natural profile of the hill by restricting the height of the building to a value less or equal to the distance between the architectural volume and the limits of the land. This restricts the projection of the building toward the sea, because the more it is intended to be projected, the less width the building would have at that point.

With regard to the client’s aspirations, there were two parallel goals. The first one, to take full advantage of the built-up area as much as possible, according to the regulations of the beach. The second one, to create an architectural approach (aesthetic and spatial) that evokes oneiric scenarios such as floating volumes, the feeling of walking on water or the possibility of extending the limits of the building toward the horizon.

Customers also demanded an original approach that moves away from the classic terrace with swimming pool at the front as a barrier between the indoor social area of the house and its connection with the landscape. This search would accommodate the approach internal space of the housing, for adding freedom with respect to the schema of the compact programming. The design also demanded an analysis of solar radiation towards of the terrace area and noted the need of a shelter which allowed the heavy use that customers wanted to give to this area. The solution was to locate the terrace below the same construction.

In section, there would be a separation between the construction and the posterior boundary of the field to create a shaft of light in that area, where not only the main vertical circulation of the house is resolved, but where it would also stand in front of a drop of water and on top of a water mirror that accompanies the walking path of the house.

Finally, the indoor social area would be projected in a double heighted space towards the horizon, at the center of the building, in compliance with the restrictions of retreats and heights demanded by the regulation of the beach.”

PC House by EDDICO (18)
First Level
PC House by EDDICO (19)
Second Level
PC House by EDDICO (20)
Third Level

Photos courtesy of EDDICO

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