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Scott & Scott Architects Design a Cabin in the Snowy Wonderland of British Columbia

By Magaly Grosso


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This cottage, inspired by the 1970s and designed by Scott & Scott Architects, is located in the mountainous area of Whistler, north of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Its location provides wonderful views of the mountains and Lake Green. A landscape of completely snow-covered pines, this setting is definitely a spectacle.

The cottage is made of concrete walls and wooden ceiling, with an interior of combined wood and marble. The living room, kitchen, and dining room share a polished concrete floor.

The cottage seen from the distance in the snow
Close-up of the snowy cottage

The simple décor of the living room consists of a dark sofa in front of the chimney area, a perfect place to sit and enjoy the warmth of the fireplace after a hard day in the snow.

The dining room is done in white and with simple chairs, just what we need for a weekend home in the snow.

The beautiful ceiling has wooden beams that run from one side to the other and then slant down on the wall, giving the space a cozy look.

Marble countertop that goes out of the kitchen and runs through the living room up to the fireplace
View of the living room. Fireplace
Wooden kitchen with marble countertop

The stairs leading to the second level are lined with wood and receive sunlight from a large window that has been installed at the landing, a portal through which we can appreciate the snowy wonderland that surrounds the house.

Stairs with wooden rails
Stairs seen from above. At the end, the window with view to the outside

On the top floor, both the views and the interior are impressive. A high wooden beam ceiling runs through the corridor, creating an impressive effect. Outside, the wonderful views we can enjoy through the glass walls take our breath away.

Corridor with details of wooden beams

In the evenings, the cottage looks like something out of a fairy tale, illuminated from the inside and nestled among the snow-covered pines.

Night view of the cottage
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