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A Luxurious Contemporary Property in Ibiza

By Magaly Grosso


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Casa Agua is a luxury residence located in Ibiza, Balearic Islands, Spain. It’s available for vacation rentals, as well as use as a space for events, and even film productions.

From here, we can enjoy the marvelous views of the ocean. Its terraces will also allow us to take in the sunset, a spectacle in its own right that no one should miss.

It also includes a pool with various surrounding areas where we can relax after a long day. Green, well-kept areas are also present, adding yet another gorgeous detail to the wonderful place.

Aerial view of the house and its adjacent areas
White terraces, complete with exterior furniture

In its interior, comfortable and wide spaces take in natural light. Modern furniture, including elegant sofas, invite us to rest here.

Modern living room with a white sofa and black armchair

A spacious dining room, with a wooden table that matches the style and location, allow us to take in the sights as we dine.

Dining room with wooden table and black chairs

But we haven’t even gotten to the best part yet. Come nightfall, its spaces become magical. Light becomes more important than ever, and we can enjoy the beautiful vistas from each of the different bedrooms of the home.

Modern bedroom with views to the exterior

The terraces especially benefit from the setting of the sun. They become the perfect places to enjoy company from family and friends, taking us in a warm embrace.

Exterior terrace with chimney
Pool area at sunset
Entrance to the rock gardens and resting areas
Nocturnal view of the terrace
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