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A Cozy Scandinavian Attic in Stockholm, Sweden

By • Jun 22, 2017

This cozy Scandinavian-style apartment is located on Åsögatan, in Södermalm, a district and island in central Stockholm, Sweden. Its interior, covering a total area of 180 square meters, was completely renovated in 2014, and the result is absolutely stunning.

The frontal part of the apartment has an open plan, which allows for a general appreciation of the entire space at first entry. And what a space – clear white inclined walls pierced by numerous windows which allow an abundant supply of natural light to seep into the interior, thick ceiling beams of dark wood that traverse the incline of the ceiling, cozy and stylish sub-spaces throughout, and potted plants dotting the space to add bits of color and vibrancy.

The style is chic and trendy, bordering on industrial, and with just the right number of accessories so that it feels like home without overwhelming the senses.

Living room with modern furniture in black
Living room and kitchen
Kitchen in wood and gray. Wooden beams on the ceiling
Reading area with skylight
Reading area with skylight
Living room seen from the kitchen
Living room-dining room with fireplace, skylights, and wooden beams

The attic apartment has two bedrooms, and though each is done in its own individual style, that same sense of chic stylishness with pale backgrounds and dots of color to spell personality continue into these more private spaces. The bathroom is done in tones of gray, still dotted with potted plants to add more color.

Master bedroom with V ceiling
Bedroom with bunk bed
Bathroom in grey
Bathroom in grey

A terrace overlooking the neighborhood crowns the apartment, providing a tiny but cozy space to spend time in with friends and family.

Night view of the terrace

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