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Fujiwaramuro Architects Design a Unique Circular Home in Hiroshima Prefecture, Japan

By Magaly Grosso


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This peculiar home built by Fujiwaramuro Architects in Hiroshima Prefecture, Japan enjoys beautiful wooden walls on its exterior, as well as a planted walkway outside of the home. The home’s most unique feature is the rounded-shape earthen floor that begins at its garden and continues into the house.

Aerial view of the wooden home with its circular garden

The home, which amongst other things is constructed diagonally, was created for a married couple that wanted the opportunity to enjoy their garden.

Side entrance of the house

Circular garden that goes into and through the home

In its interior, what most draws our attention is the fact that the walls and the ceiling are all completely covered in different types of wood. This is complemented by the fact that its furnishings, in a simple and modern style, are also made out of wood.

Interior with flooring done in a variety of woods
TV area with a bookcase and rug

Complete view of the circular platform that goes through the home
Kitchen done in stainless steel
Wooden dining room
Nocturnal view of the dining room with three hanging lamps

At night its modern lamps, which are perfectly situated within each space, give it a soft light that transmits warmth to a space that is small but very cozy.

The walkway formed by the wide rounded shape seems to invite visitors and residents alike to take a walk to the exterior of the home to enjoy the night-time views of the gardens that will, little by little, change the look of the home as they grow and evolve. From there, we can enjoy the interior of the view, easily and almost completely visible from the outside through strategically designed doorways and windows.

Nocturnal view of the circular garden
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