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Simplistic Modern House with Grandiose Backyard in Sydney

By • Apr 7, 2017

This modern house, located in Sydney, Australia, was designed by Rolf Ockert in 2017. All homes haves a particularly beautiful area that ends up being our favorite part of the house. The favorite of this house is, without a doubt, its backyard.

The entire space was created with the intention of providing relaxation and enjoyment. Just one look, and we can see the intimate care with which this area was designed.

The beautiful spaces include a resting area, which incorporates comfortable chairs that surround a chimney. This will surely come in handy on a cold evening, allowing us to enjoy the space in comfort.

There is also the infinity pool, which tempts us to dive right in.

The exterior is designed with glass walls from which sheets of wood hang at varying levels, creating a nice contrast in the design between the two materials.

Rest area in the backyard. Seats in navy blue
View of the front of the house with glass walls
View of the front of the house from the pool
View of the infinity pool
View of the pool from the top of the house

In the interior, the living room is adorned with modern furniture, which includes comfortable sofas made of gray fabric. Orange chairs complete the space, located in front of a small chimney.

The lamps boast a contemporary style. Not only do they lighten up the place, but they also add a nice, decorative touch to the space.

View of the living room with modern furniture

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