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Spencertown Residence by Thomas Phifer and Partners

By Eric Meunier


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This 2,900-square-foot residence designed by Thomas Phifer and Partners is situated on a rolling meadow and commands dramatic views of an agricultural valley and the distant Catskills in rural upstate New York.

The home’s primary organizational element is a six-foot-high concrete wall that retains the earth on the uphill side and defines a large entry court in the middle.

The entry and living spaces are open to views and arranged in a linear fashion along the downhill side of the wall under a gently vaulted, winglike roof.

Windows and doors are oriented to maximize cross ventilation, eliminating the need for air-conditioning. Banking the entire structure into the hillside created additional energy savings.

Photos by: Scott Frances

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  1. Wow…I mean WOW!!
    What a simple yet incredibly dramatic building and landscape.
    Great photographs too.
    I love it.

    Are you allowed to marry a house???!


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