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House WR by Niko Wauters

By Eric Meunier


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Belgian architect Niko Wauters of Schellen Architecten has designed the House WR for his own family.

Completed in 2011, this 1,929 square foot, two story, contemporary home is located in Keerbergen, a city in he Belgian province of Flemish Brabant.

House WR by Niko Wauters:

“Architect Niko Wauters designed this minimalistic low-energy family home. He is one of the leading architects at Schellen Architecten.

This spacious home was designed on a small plot (8 acres), and is designed around contrasts. Open to the sun & the garden, but closed to the street & the north.

The black volume on the ground-floor contains the living areas, all connected but visual separated. The night part is located on the upper floor in the semi-floating white volume.

Through pivotating glass doors & skylights, daylight illuminates the whole home. At night, the moon is a subtle night light in the upper corridor.

Because of its well thought design, this home uses little energy. Air-tight & well insulated, this home loses almost no energy. The small amount of energy necessary for heating the home during winter, is produced by a geothermal heathpump and solar panels.

Most of the interior lights are LED’s. All produced heat is reused (even heat from waste-water).

This project shows that low energy design & minimalistic architecture can go hand in hand.”

Photos by: Liesbeth Goetschalckx, Ynje Degraeve, Niko Wauters

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