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Camelia Cottage by 4site Architecture

Camelia Cottage by 4site Architecture has been completed in Melbourne, Australia.

The project was an addition to an existing terrace house in the inner city of Melbourne.


Camelia Cottage by 4site Architecture:

“Terrace houses in inner-city suburbs are usually a layering of various add-ons at various points in time. This very low budget project is trying to minimize the work that needs to be done by keeping the existing toilet addition, yet reorganizing the space into a more usable and comfortable environment.

Whilst respecting the quality of space in the existing terrace house, the design aimed to give a clear indication that this is a dramatic insertion at the back of the property at this point in time. A blossom in the monotonous heritage green, salmon pink, beige and corrugated sheeting urban landscape.

With a minuscule budget, the colorful joinery wall is the key element which acts to visually connect the inside to the outside, separated by bi-fold doors. The joinery wall houses various storage cupboards both indoors and outdoors. There is a concealed water tank for roof water collection and the joinery wall also forms the new entry to the existing bathroom. The break-up of the colors help break down to finer scale that is appreciated in the small space.

The windows in the Late 19th Century living room once again act as the source of natural light with the new built to boundary wall and lean-to, which reflects light back it the space. It now also provides light and ventilation to the previously blocked bedroom window. A storage platform flows from the new lean-to into the living room and provide additional built in seating.”

Floor plan / Section

Photos by: Kevin Hui

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  1. Mich Mash of color combos. Blue doesn’t work with wood Brown and Yellow Green. Wood Brown, Yellow Green and Black would be a better combo.


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