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Apartment FS by Ippolito Fleitz Group Identity Architects

By Sophie Johnson


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Fleitz Group Identity Architects created this contemporary interior in 2011 for an older couple living in Stuttgart, Germany.

The large space is dominated by the couple’s extensive collection of art and literature.

Apartment FS by Ippolito Fleitz Group Identity Architects:

“An older married couple decided to move to a large apartment in an old building in the centre of Stuttgart.

During their years spent together, a shared passion for art and literature had culminated in an extensive collection of art and books, which became the omnipresent theme of the new apartment.

The long corridor functions as both gallery and library.

The library wall is fitted with floor-to-ceiling bookcases with flush-mounted doors between them.

Small sculptures are exhibited in an illuminated display case on the opposite wall.

Tall sliding doors crafted from dark wood conceal the entrances to the living and dining area.

In the other rooms the display of art works alternates between strictly defined areas, such as on the sliding walls in the study or above the seating corner in the living area, and a playfully free formation.

The colours and materials dominating the space are muted shades of beige and green, as well as natural products.”

Photos by: Zooey Braun

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