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Big Bay Beach House by COA and Fuchs, Wacker Architekten

By Sophie Johnson


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This modern residence is a 2011 project by COA in collaboration with Fuchs, Wacker Architekten.

It is a beach side house in Big Bay, Cape Town, South Africa with a protected, private courtyard where occupants can enjoy the outdoors even when the wind becomes abrasive.

Big Bay Beach House by COA and Fuchs, Wacker Architekten:

“Inspired by simple clean lines, this modern beach front home is designed to maximize the beach lifestyle and views, while enjoying the duality of the wind protected courtyard pool and garden.

Focusing on passive design principles this house is also layered with an extensive sliding timber shutter system that allows the building to be manipulated to suit the changing sun and weather patterns.

This home boasts extreme attention to detail and the minimalist approach to individual elements and quality craftsmanship have pushed the boundaries on every front of the building process.”

Photos courtesy of COA

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