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Terrace2 by Galeazzo Design

By Magaly Grosso


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Terrace2, located in São Paulo, Brazil, was designed by Galeazzo Design.

The interior is very colorful and replete with decorative accessories that give it personality and character.

Terrace2 by Galeazzo Design:

“With 88m² (950 sq ft) the space has a lot of colors and its inspiration comes from the crossing of the east (Orient) and west (Occident) cultures, in a contemporary way. With the segmented painting on the walls and roof, the designer aims to break the place amplitude in a bold and irreverent way, that reminds the origami’s folding.

Bamboo furniture, lacquer and hardwood, traditional references to China flow over the high-tech bamboo floor and contrast with the extravagant wallpaper printed with stylized golden dragons.

Important Occident pieces fill the ambient, such as the crystal chandelier from the traditional French brand Saint Luis, the 1950’s wall lamp from Serge Mouille, a circular shaped shelf and a huge rough linen sofa placed in front of a big fireplace made of exotic granite.”

Photos by: Lufe Gomes

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