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Currimundi Beach House by Loucas Zahos Architects

By Sophie Johnson


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This contemporary vacation home is a 2012 project by Loucas Zahos Architects that is located in Currimundi Beach, Australia.

It serves as a place to escape everyday stresses and enjoy a carefree beachfront lifestyle.

Currimundi Beach House by Loucas Zahos Architects:

“Designed primarily as a holiday house, the Currimundi Beach House captures the essence of being away from routine, inviting relaxation, retreat and enjoyment of the spectacular beachfront location it shares.

From the street, the site rises sharply and the deliberate massing of the two level pavilions at the front of the house offers a dignified frontage to the street while maintaining privacy for the internal spaces beyond. Once inside, the house delights in its scale and detailing.

Expressed structural timber posts and operable glass walls create an immediate sense of connection to the landscape without a sense of exposure or loss of privacy.

Well lit living areas share access to an internal courtyard and deliberately become less formal as they progress away from the street towards the beach. Modest sized bedrooms are located on the upper level and internal finishes throughout are refined, well detailed and carefully constructed.”

Photos by: Adam Sebastian West

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