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Home interior design reflects your personality, lifestyle and aesthetic sensibilities. Whether you’re redecorating or planning a new space, HomeDsgn provides stylish interior design inspiration. Fuel your imagination by perusing some of the most spectacular interior design in homes from across the globe.

Modern and Elegant Construction Located in the City of Valencia, Spain

By • Feb 1, 2018

The main mission for this project, as per the wishes of the clients, was for it to have and show its own identity. The project’s objective was to adapt to the surrounding environment, taking advantage of the topography of the area and sectoring it according to privacy and functionality. The service floor that houses the parking lot, the warehouse, and the facilities is buried into the ground, and emerges from it in a resounding manner with a set of volumes – the two floors where the social areas of the house are located.

Front exterior view of the modern construction
Modern construction with white walls

On the south-east and south-west facades, the house opens onto the garden and the surrounding vistas, introducing natural light into the house and projecting the interior spaces to the outside.

Rear garden connected to the interior by glass doors
Entrance door in modern and elegant wood

The project has been carried out by the architectural firm Mano de Santo, and is located in Godella, a municipality of the Spanish city of Valencia, and it involved the group of architects Francesc de Paula Garcia Martinez, Ana Gil Collado, and Francisco Miravete Martín.

Modern minimalist kitchen in white

The 315 square meter house was completed in 2016, and has resulted in an energy efficient building. Among the most commonly used materials are white and gray concrete, along with wooden slats.

Detail of the stairs
Night view from the terrace
Night view of the garage entrance
Wonderful night view of the pool area
Night view of the pool area
Side view at sunrise
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This Old House has been Beautifully Remodeled and has been Filled With Light

By • Jan 31, 2018

This magnificent remodeling of an old house covering an area of 260 square meters, and which is located in the town of San Vito, a municipality of Italy in the province of Cagliari, in the Sardinia region of Italy, was completed by the architectural firm Matteo Foresti between the years 2015-2017.

Wonderful entrance with wooden floors and white walls

For a long time, the house was hidden behind its walls, and remained in absolute silence. However, today, that space has grown and has two stores, a bathroom, and some other rooms that have invaded, little by little, the patio.

Entrance with beautiful gardens and wooden floors
Enchanting corners full of natural light

The first step of the project was to eliminate all the unnecessary constructions in order to get closer to the origins. As if by magic, the ancient volumes began to appear and the thick stone walls were revealed. The new openings created a circulation between the public rooms (living room, kitchen, dining room) and the patio.

Main entrance in an arch shape

The first floor, where the common room dominates the patio, offers privacy and silence to the rooms. Between the interior and the exterior, the white walls have become its most outstanding characteristic.

It is wonderful space that is full of light and that invites us to enjoy it alongside wonderful terraces where palm trees provide shade and create cozy spaces.

Living room completely decorated in white and with modern furniture
Minimalist kitchen in white
Wonderful minimalist kitchen in white with marble floors
Dining area full of natural light with combination of woods
Night view of the illuminated garden
Wonderful garden bordered by plants and outdoor furniture
Night view of the exterior of the house
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Vibrant and Colorful Apartment in the City of Milan, Italy

By • Jan 31, 2018

This colorful and vibrant apartment has been designed by the design firm of Cristiana Vannini, a recognized designer and resident of the city of Milan, Italy. The fact that the small space is an explosion of bright colors that transmit energy is undeniable.

Living room full of light and color

TV area with furniture in bold colors

The spaces are full of light and with a very modern style where the completely open spaces coexist in perfect harmony while its colors are mixed. We’ll find white walls and wooden floors, as well as large windows that allow light to enter and fill the spaces and give it life.

Corridor with libraries at the sides
Living room area with modern and bright furniture

The kitchen, a pleasant and modern space of white furniture and stainless steel countertop that provides an elegant touch, is perfect for preparing meals with family and friends. At its side, the modern dining room awaits to enjoy those little moments.

Modern kitchen full of light and bright colors
Island in white with modern kitchen hood in bright red
Dining room with glass table and chairs in black

The corridor with white walls, between which the doors leading to the bathroom and the bedroom are hidden, maintains the same style that we find in the rest of the apartment.

Closet area with wooden floors

The bathroom is decorated with small mosaics that have been distributed in a linear way, combining once again bright and vibrant colors to give joy and life to each of the spaces.

Modern bathroom full of color
Bathroom with mirror in a circular shape
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House With Wonderful Views that Can be Enjoyed Both Inside and Outside

By • Jan 31, 2018

This house has wonderful panoramic views from all of its rooms, an undeniable privilege that automatically turns it into a special place. It has wooden shutters that slide adjusting to the position of the sun, providing privacy as well as shade, filtering the intense rays of the sun that pass through its windows.

Facade with closed lattices for privacy

It has been designed by the architectural firm Golany Architects, led by the architects Yaron Golany and Galit Golany, and is located in Tel-Aviv, Israel. Completed in 2016, the home occupies a total ground area of 200 meters of the lot’s total 500 square meters.

Facade with open lattices that allow the passage of light
Beautiful garden from which to enjoy the views of the mountains
Venetian blinds on both levels that allow residents to control the amount of light that flows in
Corner with glass walls that connect to the garden
Views of the mountains from the interior

The installed lattices block the views towards the interior and maintain privacy while allowing those inside the opportunity to enjoy the landscape from the comfortable interior. Windows and doors are recessed to improve climate control, creating intermediate spaces in the shaded areas out of doors. Even during the hot summer days, these measures keep the house cool and pleasant.

Interior corridor created between glass walls and lattices
View of the interior through the glass walls
Modern living room with concrete walls and floors
Effects created by lattices and glass walls
Modern Living-dining room seen from the kitchen

It was a challenge to design this residence and maintain visual continuity from the site to the horizon. The residence is designed on two floors, conserving meters of outdoor area and allowing the outdoor space to breathe. Both the house and the garden are level to obtain optimal view distance, fusing with the surrounding landscape.

Modern dining room in wood
Modern dining room with views of the mountains
Bedroom with studio area and terraces with views
Terraces with lattices to control the entrance of natural light
Bedroom with studio
Terrace connected to the bedroom
Views from the living room during sunset
Night view of the house from the outside
Night view from the gardens
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Charming Victorian House that Retains its Charm Despite the Changes it has Undergone

By • Jan 30, 2018

This wonderful Victorian house with lush gardens is located in Albert Park, Victoria, Melbourne, a beautiful city in Australia. The wonderful façade, in an elegant Victorian style of red bricks, contrasts brilliantly with the white details of its doors and windows as well as its typical railing, creating a striking set.

Exterior view with wonderful Victorian details

The project plans included an intention to harmonize the relationship between the house, the studio, and the garden. The roofs were raised, the points of view were framed, and the spaces were simplified, and all of this gave way to the black and white result that followed.

Victorian details and red brick walls are part of its facade

This project was carried out in 2015 by the architectural studio Hindley & Co, who managed to create a space full of warmth and comfort. These are spaces full of an elegant simplicity where each detail connects with the rest, weaving perfectly harmonized ideas together.

Terrace with gardens and outdoor furniture
Pool in elongated and narrow form
Terrace with direct access through glass doors
Victorian style entrance
Modern living room with dark leather furniture
Living room overlooking the pool

The living-dining room and kitchen areas are done in light and dark colors that mix and create a light atmosphere.

Living room- kitchen with access to the terrace
Modern kitchen in brown and in contrast with white
Kitchen storage area in wood
Kitchen with integrated dining area
Dining room in wood and black leather chairs

The bedroom has a wonderful fireplace that, without a doubt, is the protagonist of this space.

Bedroom in gray and white tones
Bedroom with elegant black and white fireplace
Modern walk-in closet
Small bedroom in white and light pink
Modern bathroom in black and white
Modern bathroom in black and white overlooking the terrace
Modern bathroom with mirror wall

The existing gardens offered discord to the inhabitants. By redesigning it and selecting perspectives, outdoor spaces now show their best face.

Door detail in thick wood with access from the garden
Night view of the entrance from the garden
Terrace with modern outdoor furniture
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Impressive Structure Designed to House Students of Architecture and Urban Planning at the University of Michigan

By • Jan 30, 2018

The Alfred Taubman Wing is a 36,000 square foot expansion built for the College of Architecture and Urban Planning at the University of Michigan. It was designed by the American architectural firm Preston Scott Cohen, which is based in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The project was completed in 2017 and is located in Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA.

Aerial view of the impressive construction

The architectural firm was presented with a very clear challenge, that of balancing the creation of a vast expansion that would extend from the existing architecture as well as act like a center of circulation for all students and faculty.

Modern structure surrounded by nature

The exterior structure is done in an earthy gray color and a modern style, with a roof characterized by jagged lines. The lower level has a length of clear glass walls, so that light flows in and the lines between indoor and outdoor are blurred.

External structure made in an earthly gray color and a modern style
Internal area of the structure with glass walls and parking area
Details of the walls of the modern structure
Details of the modern construction
Entrance to the internal open area of the building

The interior is spacious and luminous, with a ceiling pierced by lines of skylights that allow natural light to flow in, so that the interior is easily illuminated in such a way that energy is saved and the structure’s carbon footprint is reduced. The 36,000 square foot structure includes a multi-purpose common area, a studio, a classroom, faculty offices, student lounges, and labs.

Large internal area with skylights
Central open area ready for talks
Stairs connect the different interior levels
Wide internal area and high ceilings
Interior area full of natural light
Large internal space with service areas
Modern white stairs connect the levels
Large study rooms and offices
Night view of the entrance with modern works of art
Night view of the interior spaces
Interior and exterior night views
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London House with Modern Interiors that Will Make you Want to Live There

By • Jan 30, 2018

Blue House is a contemporary home located in Dartmouth Park, a district in north London, England, United Kingdom. It was designed by the Notting Hill based architectural firm De Rosee Sa, and completed in 2015. The property covers a total ground area of nearly 170 square meters, or over 1,800 square feet.

Exterior facade of aged bricks with glass doors

The clients had previously resided in the upper maisonette of this house, and when their downstairs neighbors decided to leave, they completed the purchase of the ground floor, greatly increasing the ground area of their home. To help unite the two spaces, they enlisted De Rosee Sa, and to return it to its original function as a three storey townhouse.

Exterior facade of bricks with closed glass door
Details of aged brick wall
Small garden with walls of brick and wood

The first challenge the architectural firm tackled was increasing the proportions of the interior spaces in order to give the house an enhanced sense of space and grandeur. In order to do this, the low floor to ceiling height of the first floor was modified, in order to increase the spaces and give the rooms more luminosity.

The interior décor is done in a muted color palette consisting of different shades of gray against rich wooden floors. Some darker pieces add touches of contrast, such as the fireplace in the living room and a dark wooden table in the bedroom, making the spaces feel more dynamic.

Modern interior of wooden floors
Fireplace with touches of elegance
Wide and modern kitchen in combination of gray and blue
Small study area in the kitchen
Elegant stairs in white
Steps of fine wood
Elegant corner with window seat
Studio with modern and elegant furniture
Elegant doors in light gray tones
Elegant bedroom with fireplace in white
Elegant and practical storage area
Large bathroom in gray and white
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Modern and Balanced Addition that gave a Total Turn to this Traditional House in Montreal, Canada

By • Jan 29, 2018

This wonderful addition to an existing red clay brick house, typical of this area, not only changed the interior of the structure by adding a modern and wonderful space, but also changed its exterior, which resulted in a completely different look for the outer look of the home.

The design was carried out by Natalie Dionne, Ariane Côté-Bélisle, Martin Laneuville, and Corinne Deleers, who form part of the team at the architectural studio Natalie Dionne Architecture, and is located in the city of Montreal, Canada. It covers a total ground area of 2,130 square feet and was carried out in 2017 as part of a project of reconfiguration of internal and external divisions, as well as an application of the idea of integrating two black volumes in juxtaposition. The existing architecture is improved and transformed into the modern lifestyle, thus fulfilling the aspirations of its inhabitants.

View of the rear terrace that connects to the interior of the kitchen-dining room
Details of the glass walls that separate the garden from inside the house

The addition of BLACK BOX II is covered with large plates of iridescent black fiber cement board, with a perforated pattern. Inside, oak paneling covers the walls and roof of the shed, while a latticework of western red cedar covers the bedroom.

Keeping a part of the heritage of the past, the original oak floor of the dining room has been preserved and has been restored. The kitchen island, made of solid oak, is located in the center of this space, and serves as an altar to daily rituals.

The architects sought to maintain an adequate balance between the new and the old to create a coherent whole, preserving the authenticity of the existing details.

Small dining area incorporated in the kitchen
Kitchen with wonderful wooden island
Level wooden island, elegant and sober
Details of the kitchen area in wood
Night view of the modern interior from the back garden
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Elegant Hotel in the Heart of Paris

By • Jan 25, 2018

In the District 8 of the elegant and dreamy city of Paris, one of the most distinguished and glamorous districts of the city, is this luxurious Hotel, the Hôtel du Collectionneur Arc de Triomphe – Paris. It welcomes visitors and tourists each and every day as they arrive in the city in search of fun, recreation, and to enjoy its numerous museums and places full of charm and glamour.

View of the gardens with terrace

Paris is a culturally rich city, L’Hotel du Collectionneur Arc de Triomphe will surely please its guests, no matter how diverse their desires are. Luxury boutiques, trendy cafes, art galleries, museums and business centers surround this elegant hotel. Its interior is characterized by an Art Deco style, while the must-see attractions such as the Eiffel Tower enhance the exterior of the property.

Elegant reception area
Sober dining area
Relaxation area in striking colors
Restaurant full of elegance
Elegantly decorated room with views of the Eiffel Tower
Private lounge area
Private dining room with terrace with wonderful views of the Eiffel Tower
Cozy and elegant room
Interior of the social area of the room

It has 473 rooms and suites that offer guests elegant lodging in an Art Deco style. 88 executive rooms and 59 suites include access to an executive lounge, where entertainment, relaxation, and delicious French refreshments are always available.
If your plans are to travel to the wonderful city of love, do not forget to plan a stay at  this hotel, as it will surely be the perfect complement to your plans and will leave you wanting to return.

Desk area in the room
Desk area with views of the Eiffel Tower
Sober room with elegant wooden headboard
Double room decorated in vibrant colors
Spacious and elegant bathroom in dark tones
Jacuzzi decorated with candles
Roofed pool
Internal view of the hotel from the terrace
Internal view of the imposing hotel
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Wonderful House Embedded in a Hillside in Beverly Hills

By • Jan 25, 2018

Located in a steep and narrow hillside of the famous city of Beverly Hills, in Los Angeles, California, USA, this project presented a series of significant technical challenges in terms of time restraints and the maximum envelope of the building. The design solution was to organize the house and the complex as an extended and attenuated experience that provided a sense of grace and space despite the restrictions.

Aerial view of the spectacular construction surrounded by green vegetation

The owners’ wishes were to create an oasis that focused more on the feeling of intimacy and introspection instead of maximizing views or presenting an extroverted face to the neighborhood.

Pool area

The main structure has been designed on two levels traced along the north-south axis and houses most of the interior spaces. The garage is located at the southern end of the house, where most private areas are located, including the gym.

Entrance with modern glass doors

The entrance was designed to create a sense of retreat into a private environment, leaving the cars and the working world of Los Angeles behind.
In the middle, a pool patio and gardens occupy the heart of the site.
A small light-filled structure functions as a project studio, and a guest house is located at the north end of the site.

View of the pool from inside the house
Modern living room in vibrant colors
Spacious and modern kitchen full of light
Modern dining room in wood
Detail of dining area
Wooden stairs with glass wall
Cozy room with brick fireplace
Modern and luminous bathroom
View of the pool during night hours
Exterior view of the modern construction
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Fabulous Remodeling of an Old Apartment From the 80s

By • Jan 25, 2018

This recent renovation of a flat in a 1980s building, and located in the city of Bigorrilho, Curitiba, Brazil, was carried out by the architectural firm Mário Sampaio. The apartment covers an area of 130 square meters, and is a space which has been renovated but, at the request of the client, preserved in its ground area. Only the living rooms were integrated to create a comfortable TV room for the enjoyment of the family.

Entrance hall lined in wood
Modern dining room with wooden chairs
Modern style dining room with circular table

A new element of transparent laminated plywood has been used, which is the articulating link of the intimate and social parts, with multiple functions: the aesthetic, because it brings a new aspect to the architecture of the place, transforming it; and the functional, because it covers both the exposed beams from the internal circulation as well as the irregularity of the room that remains after the demolition of two walls, an intermediate column, and the sliding door rail that isolates the intimate social area.

Bright living room decorated in black and white

It also has two cabinets that have been reused from the previous owner’s apartment, and which have been adapted and painted for the new decoration.

Detail of wooden wall decorated with pictures
Entrance to the TV lounge area

In all the social areas, in contrast to the wooden element, polished concrete was used for the floors. This same material has also been applied both on the walls and on the counter top.

Detail of the side table
TV area with comfortable white sofa
Detail of the TV cabinet in wood
Room decorated in white
Integrated closets in the room
Wood headboard details
Bathroom walls in concrete
Floor and walls of the bathroom in concrete
Sink with furniture in wood
Detail of the wooden sink
Bathroom with walls and floor in concrete
Detail of the concrete wall