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Casa VRP by Figueroa.ARQ

By • Jan 29, 2015

Casa VRP is a private residence located in São Paulo, Brazil.

It was designed by Figueroa.ARQ.

Casa VRP by Figueroa.ARQ (1)
Casa VRP by Figueroa.ARQ (2)
Casa VRP by Figueroa.ARQ (3)
Casa VRP by Figueroa.ARQ (4)
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Casa VRP by Figueroa.ARQ:

“The project was created from a request for refurbishment of a 40’s village house, in Barra Funda. The house in question already had a state of great disrepair and modification from the original. Externally, we believe that the most appropriate way would interfere contemporary, marking the news, however, trying to catch proportions that value village, giving the opportunity to the neighbors to rethink what they are doing this mischaracterization of the village assembly process.

As can be seen in the existing plans, the house was extremely compartmentalized. It made the house dimly lit and therefore moist. Our proposal of the maximum ground clearance, turning the modest plot of 4x16m (13x52ft) in a generous, lit and ventilated place. We chose to draw and describe an integrative emptiness that permeates the whole house.

The kitchen becomes a compartmentalized condition and service condition for inclusive, social and common sense. We chose to organize the kitchen linearly, parallel to the border, providing a tight integration with patio. Pablo Neruda had written about the poetics of Patio: “The courtyard is a wonderful place, where is the Earth and the Sun are at noon.” What makes a patio a special place goes through the appropriate choice of spatial proportion and integrator direction to which it is intended.

The upper floor consists of two bedrooms on the ends of the ground and a large bathroom in the middle. Among them, we have two empty: one internal and one external. The internal void receives the stairs connecting the two floors of the house. In the external, vertical garden and patio. The connection between the bedrooms and the bathroom light is given by metal walkways and castings that strengthen the idea of having the void as integrator.

The light for us is always an element of design, be it natural or artificial. The voids in our projects always have these two luminous conditions. The master bedroom was treated with the same generosity and simplicity of the rest of the project. The connection to the guest room is through an open and integrated with the Vertical Garden Patio and walkway. As the homes of Tadao Ando, the guest relates to the conditions of nature to have access to their rooms.

At the same time, be open catwalk this Outdoor Patio empty which is also guarantees a much better condition also for the garden and for those who use the patio itself.”

Casa VRP by Figueroa.ARQ (9)
Casa VRP by Figueroa.ARQ (10)
Casa VRP by Figueroa.ARQ (11)

Photos by: Nelson Kon & courtesy of Figueroa.ARQ

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