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Forest Homes That Are Not Just for Camping

By • Dec 13, 2017

When you first think about a forest home your first thought may be “camping”. However, not all forest homes were created for camping. In fact, many of the homes that are in the forest are actually cozy and luxurious. We have found a few of the most beautiful forest homes and the best part is they are not just for camping. They’re actually great all year-round homes offering a beautiful scenery. The following homes will make you want to have a forest home of your very own.

House Vallès Oriental

Designed by YLAB Arquitectos Barcelona this private residence was created in the middle of the forest with a modern twist. House Vallès Oriental is surrounded by massive trees that add the forest feel and appeal. However, the inside of the home is decorated in a contemporary manner. The design was specific to this family that wanted a dream holiday home that accommodates their needs as well as the needs of their children.

Forest Lodge

Nestled right into the New Forest, Hampshire, England forest lodge is a beauty to be seen. Made out of different wood finishes this home offers the look and feel of a cabin in a more modern way. As the home is considered a mobile residence. In fact, the home is air tight and insulted creating a livable residence that can be transported from town to town. The home can even be air lifted.

The Barn House

The barn house as it is known has been completely constructed out of reused material. Its reused material comes from an old barn that was damaged by the earthquake. Part of the materials saved were the bar doors and the roof structure. The idea was to keep the new barn house as similar as the old one in order to have a similar appeal and concept. To finish off the look the home has large windows for a beautiful view of the forest.

House in Birch Forest

With an all wooden exterior, the House in Birch Forest stands to appear as classic as a forest home typically would. However, with a contemporary inside. The home was designed to be an all around “classic” forest home. Furthermore, the inside took a little bit of a twist by having an upscale feel with its high ceilings and contemporary décor.

Exceptional House

Created to make a statement the exceptional house features two different hues of wood. This is done in order to create a diverse and unique twist. The house itself is a work of art. It has intricate detailing throughout the entire space. So much so that the house itself is unique from top to bottom with spiraling wooden features on the ceiling of the home for an added touch.

Pine Forest Pavilion

This beautiful Pavilion known as the Pine Forest Pavilion is truly one of a kind. With its contemporary structure and modern interior, the home is built exceptionally well. The home was created to maximize its ability to interact with nature which is why the home open and closes to vegetation. The idea was to have a home that minimizes the human carbon footprint and that is exactly what this home did.

Donaldson House

The Donaldson House offers a beauty of its very own. Built with zinc panels this home was created to last a lifetime in the forest. It has two different levels which are all surrounded by diverse oak trees that not only provide privacy but help with shade as well. Most of the windows in this home are made out of glass. However, they have a mesh lining to help with bugs and outdoor creatures. The home is very eco-friendly as most of its resources come directly from the forest and nearby lake.

The Marlboro Music Cottages

Appearing as if it was removed from a fairy tale The Marlboro Music Cottages is a beauty on the inside and the outside. These homes were constructed with practicality and privacy in mind. Featuring high ceilings and walls covered in wood give the home the calming effect that you may seek. In fact, the warmth and coziness come directly from the interior of the home. The home was designed to inspire musicians to make new music.

Lake Forest Park Renovation

This beautiful contemporary home known as the lake forest park renovation was a remodel that needed an upgrade. In fact, the upgrade to this home was so grand that the designer decided to leave some bits and pieces of the original home. The entire residence is built from wood. Due to this feature this home is filled with wood everywhere. The green materials used in this home add to the natural rustic look and feel providing a beautiful peaceful scenery from the inside out.

House at the Edge of a Forest

The unique aspect of the house at the edge of a forest is its shape. This house is built in an L shape. Furthermore, what this means is the entire home revolves around the exterior shape of the home. Its exterior is built out of long, dark, robust, brick fixtures that emphasis the shaping of the home. With that being said the interior home was designed in an open floor plan manner.

In conclusion, these homes are one of a kind. Which of these forest homes would you consider living in? Please let us know in the comments below.

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